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Located in the Japan area of the World Showcase in Epcot, Teppanyaki sits high atop the Japanese department store, Mitsukoshi.

Entering the serene interior is a large waiting area.

To the left of the main dining room is a Sushi bar, and you see a sampling of what's available in the display beside its entrance.

The main dining area is set up for tables of eight..  and unless there is eight in your party, you will be making some new friends; >)  

We had a table full of reviewers for this experience....  One of our reviewers felt his review would be better if his picture was, too, so we included a second, more flattering one so that Teppanyaki could get it's full credit.

First, everyone chose from a menu the combination of their choosing (chicken, seafood, steak, steak and lobster, etc) and ordered beverages (Great Green Iced Tea, imho), then we were brought the house salad covered in fresh ginger dressing.

Then the chef arrives, and the show begins!  He brings a cart out with him full of veggies and meats as well as seasoning surprises.

Everything gets laid before us on the hot surface in a very aesthetic fashion (We even get an onion volcano for our delight and amusement)

Then the chef pulls out his tools and starts slicing, dicing, and whipping things around...

As parts of the meal are complete, he serves them up.  First we got our veggies with a side of rice and two dipping sauces.

As the meat was ready, it was added.

Until, by the time he was finished, everyone had full plates

Not the best location for dining if you want intimate conversation, it was a wonderful show, and the food was very tasty.  The average cost came to about $20 with tip and beverage.

The big finale came after we left the restaurant...

Even though they weren't in the restaurant, it seemed as though we'd just been to the BEST character meal EVER!  And that's how Teppanyaki won the OLP Character meal thumbs up; >)  
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Member Reviews of "Teppan Edo Review":
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Awesome Japanese Restaurant
7/2/2016 by Wendy
We were very pleased with our experience at Teppan Edo. The service was wonderful and the food was fantastic. We all loved watching the chef prepare our food and everything was delicious. My very picky children loved everything that they selected but the green tea cheesecake was their favorite.
SO Healthy
2/2/2016 by Toni
I don't know why I waited so long to eat here... it's really fun, and the food is SO healthy. I filled up on protein and veggies. It was great. I will go back, for sure!
Wonderful place to eat
6/5/2011 by Kristin

I have three teenagers who have been going to Disney Park vacations since they were little.  It's a challange to find something new and entertaining for them.  I chose this restaurant for two reasons: one, to experience something new and two, because I love Filet Mignon.  Le Cellier was a place that we loved to go to but it now takes two dinners from your dining plan.

We were seated almost immediatly but while waiting we were in a comfortable, spacious, air-conditioned waiting room with a place to sit :).  The drawback to this restaurant is depending on your party size you may have to share a table with another party.  We have five in the family so we were seated with a local couple who were there for "date night".  I kind of felt bad for them to be seated with this touristy family but they were very nice and very interesting people, so it was a good opportunity to meet someone new

amazing place to eat
1/12/2011 by Kelli
I love this place.. The chefs are fun, the food is amazing and everytime I go I have to eat there... I could eat there more than once on a trip...  Definitely worth trying, and lots of fun for kids of all ages...

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