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Located at the far end of Main Street (from the gate;>), The Crystal Palace is Character Buffet that offers up three meals of Disney magic a day

The ambiance is light-filled and garden-like.

and the seating is surprisingly comfortable

The buffet was excellent, in our humble opinions.  Everything was VERY fresh, and the vegetarian options were plentiful.  We particularly enjoyed the variety of Thai curry dishes available.

The traditional buffet carving station was available as well as the Childrens' corner of "kid favorites"

There was salmon and chicken as well (VERY popular)

My favorite area, though, was the Salad selection... The assortment was fresh and impressively varied, imho

The "sides" area and dessert assortment weren't to shabby, either; >)

Of course, our table wanted the sugar-free version of dessert, and we were brought a lovely plate of soy ice cream and chocolate brownies from the back

While the food was quite yummy,

the main event at the Crystal Palace is the characters

Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger circulate the restaurant for pictures and autographs.  It's a great way to visit characters without standing in line; >)  Between the good food and great character opportunity - not to mention excellent central location in the park - this restaurant gets VERY busy at meal times.  Be prepared to wait OR make your reservations for earlier or later than traditional meal times.


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Member Reviews of "Crystal Palace Review":
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Loads of Fun!
9/28/2011 by Cindy
We had dinner reservations at the Crystal Palace.  We truly enjoyed this buffet style meal.  We got to see all of the characters within an hour.  Pooh didn't make it to our table but that was no problem we just stopped his "helper" and she brought him right to us! The interaction with children was fun and the food was good too! We ate at alot of character meals during our visit (6) and most of them were the same foods with 1 or 2 different items.  It was a great way to end an exhausting day in Magic Kingdom.
Good character interaction!
12/18/2010 by Leah Mosenthal
We had hoped to come here for a breakfast and ultimately, timing worked out better for dinner the last night of our vacation.  It's important to keep in mind that it's really the character interaction that you're paying for... the characters were great; while all were sweet and cuddly, piglet especially made an effort with all the kids, our daughter included, the photos came out great (poor brother Tate slept through another dinner, thank goodness we didn't have to pay for him being under 3, and they let us pack a little to-go cup with his dinner, very nice as you're not supposed to take to-go containers from a buffet).  The food on the buffet was nice enough, plentiful, refreshed quickly but it didn't have a special feel per say the way Boma did.  We had planned to honor our daughter's birthday here and there was confetti on the table but they forgot doing anything else, and since it wasn't actually her birthday and slipped he
11/23/2010 by Paula
Some people don't like buffets...I'm not one of them. I love the convenience of them, and they take away the decision of what to pick for you. This one had a wide variety of food, and everything I tried was fantastic. The buffet was filled quickly when something ran out, and our table service was great. Of course the best thing about this place....the characters, I'm a Tigger lover so this place was a must, and I would go back today if I could.
Crystal Palace=OK
8/21/2010 by Disneylover
Years ago we came here for this buffet thing with the characters-it was ok. Don't really remember. But I do remember it was Winnie the Pooh characters. :-)
Chrystal Palace Delightful Dining
11/11/2008 by Disney Diva Susan

The Crystal Palace was our first meal in Disney.  It was nice to see the Pooh Character's dance around the place with the kids and adults of all ages.  The wait staff was very helpful and even told us what were the best rides to go on at the start of the day, not to "waste a fast pass" .  We took his advice and got on Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Pirates of the Carbiean without any waits at all!  We even did Thunder Mountain twice without wait times.  This allowed us to Fast Pass Space Mountain with little wait as well.  Thank you  for the helpful wait staff at this place. 

THe food was also very good.  Make your own omlets and Disney Mouse Pancakes were enjoyed by all.  The kids especially liked being able to get as much as they wanted.  It was a great way to begin our first trip to the Magic Kingdom.


Pooh rocks!
8/26/2007 by Lynn

The Crystal Palace is consistently good especially considering the amount of people that they serve throughout the day.  We‘ve had breakfast and lunch there and thought the food and surroundings were great! 

A sentimental favorite

Best Way to Start the Day!
7/4/2007 by Kate
I had never eaten at the Crystal Palace before within my 20+ trips to WDW, so I decided to try it for breakfast. I was very impressed with everything! To my surprise the all characters made time to take photos with my family.  My grandmother, who is not particularly a buffet fan, really enjoyed the food too. We loved it so much that every time we go to the Magic Kingdom we eat breakfast at the Crystal Palace. Just one last tip- make reservations for the time the park opens (if the Magic Kingdom opens at 9:00, make reservations for 9:00). You are seated right when you arrive at the restaurant and when you finish breakfast, there are still short lines for most attractions. 
A Great Place in Magic Kingdom
6/2/2007 by Kristin

The food was great, certainly not the traditional food at buffets.  Very tasty though.  They had different things to eat but also had a few regular things for those people who don‘t feel comfortable trying new things.  Pooh and all his friends came by which was nice.  Outside waiting area was very crowded.  I suggest having reservations.  We had reservations for 9:30 at night and it was still very crowded.  Many people who were trying to just "walk in" probably never got seated. 

The atmosphere is very noisy with a lot of kids around.  Every now and then Pooh and Tigger skip around to songs.  Our waitress was very very nice and attentive to our needs for never-ending lemonade.  This is also a Disney dining plan option but be sure to make reservations ahead of time as it is a very popular place to  eat being right on Main street.  If you eat here during the fireworks you can see them too.

Crystal Palace Perfection
5/23/2007 by C. Motto
We have only been here for an early morning breakfast so this review is strictly on the morning fare. We have mad a visit to the Crystal Palace a "Must Do" every trip. We love the character interaction. The food is fantastic and you can have eggs to order!  The building is beautiful and is so bright an cheery. What a great way to start the day at MK!
Very good!
9/8/2006 by L P
We had breakfast and dinner here.
We found the dinner to be good. There were lots of choices. My hubby loved the Prime Rib. It was a little under-cooked for his liking, so the CM put it on a grill for a minute. He said it was awesome.
We really loved the breakfast here. The food and choices were great. The Puffed French Toast is amazing! The orange juice was also great!
We were a table of eight, loved that they had round tables so we could visit. The character interaction was good, though keep in mind that this is a huge restaurant, so it takes a few minutes for them to do their rounds!

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