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Member Reviews of "Sunshine Season Food Fair":
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Always end up here
10/30/2012 by Christee Thomas

We usually do not plan on eating here, but we end up here maybe more than once on our visits.  It has a nice variety of meals and extras like desserts.  The quality of the food it good and the portions are just right.  We are very happy with whatever choices we get here, and we will return it the future even if it's not in the plans. 

a great find!
12/18/2010 by leah mosenthal
What a great place for lunch at Epcot!  We used 2 counter service and 1 snack credits here; I thoroughly enjoy the roasted beet and goat cheese salad; we got a turkey and cheese foccacia without the chipolte mayo for my husband and kids to share along with the german potato salad it came with and the supplemental chips for kids.  For dessert my kids shared a mammoth size rice krispy treat and my husband and I shared a normal portioned size of the tiramisu, which was delicious.  Felt like a great find and oh so yummy!
Sunshine Seasons
7/26/2010 by Disneylover
This place always manages to pull off something. I like that there are lots of different things! Usually we do not get much, just salad or mac-n-cheese. One thing that rocks is that you eat, clear up, and Soarin is right there! The kids option isn't too disappointing either! Sunshine Seasons is good in Future World, but it is way more general than what you can find in World Showcase.
We LOVE Sunshine Seasons!
7/27/2009 by Jodi
This is a lunch time favorite for us!!  We eat there on every trip and it is always a great meal!!  IMHO, it's one of the absolute BEST Counter Service options if you are on Disney Dining Plan!!  The desserts you can choose from rival any of the Table Service restaurants!!  And with a wde variety of options, everyone can get what sounds best to them!  They also have better seating and more room than lots of other Counter Service options!  We'll keep going back again and again!
Great variety!
8/26/2007 by Lynn & Kayla

We were absolutely exhausted  and getting irritable when we found this delicious place.  We couldn‘t decide where to eat and all three of us wanted something different.  Lucky for us we found this place which had every choice imaginable under one roof!

Kid perspective:  I had mac/cheese with chicken.  It was a good meal to eat after a long, fun day.  It was tough deciding between all the great choices.  After we ate, we had enough energy to go to Soarin which is in the same building! 

Adult perspective: Lynn wanted Asian food from the country so the lo mein with chicken was perfect to fill that craving.  Dad wanted some simple American fare and had grilled chicken with rice.  A perfect place to

Fun place!
12/21/2006 by Beth

Something for everyone!!

I love the new arrangement and the updated menu.

The kids meals are really a nice touch.

Some very nice desert and coffee type choices,too.

The soup choices are yummy.

Sunshine Season's - The Land!
9/1/2006 by Francine

First off, I love The Land Pavilion, at Epcot.   The walkway up to it always makes me smile, it is pretty.  So, right off the bat, I am happy.  Sunshine Season is wonderful!  There is something for everyone there, and our group was not disappointed.

We ate there on August 26, 2006, for lunch.  It was very crowded at the time we went, which was prime time for lunch, between noon and 1:00 p.m, on a Saturday afternoon.  We expected the crowd, and things moved quickly.   We did not have a problem finding a table, in fact one was being cleaned off for Tim to use as he approached it.    Disney has the food court thing down perfectly at this location.

Tim and I split a ham sandwich, and Mari had a salad.  We chose items from the sections that had selections already prepared.  They were very fresh, and saved us waiting in the lines to order at the counter.  

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