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The Rose & Crown, located in the United Kingdom area of the World Showcase, has a lovely garden area for seating when you buy food from one of their kiosks.

We were brought some tasty rolls...  hearty and "rustic" tasting with seeds and such in them.

First entree is steak with a cheese popover.  Alan sent the steak back once, and - when that didn't turn it into something he liked, he ate the sides...  which he said were very tasty.  I LOVED his cheese popover!

I chose the Vegetarian Pot Pie with Portobello Mushroom on the side.  It was enjoyable..  but I still LOVED Alan's cheese popover; >)

Remember the Pie Sampler?  Well, it's not on the menu these days:(  This is a commemorative picture in hopes that it comes back soon:)

The highlight of the meal, though, was the sugar free Trifle.  YUM!  YUM!  YUM!  Three YUMs UP!!!

If you time your PS right (between 7:30 and 8:00PM) - and get seated for outside dining - you'll be in perfect position to watch Illuminations over dessert:)  We spent around $25.00 per person for this meal (which included coffee and tea)...  Perhaps pricey for the food quality, but priceless for atmosphere and Illuminations viewing!


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Member Reviews of "Rose & Crown Video Review":
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Not For Gluten Free
10/19/2015 by Ahnalira

While some restaurants at Disney World go out of their way to make sure people with gluten free dining needs have plenty of options, Rose & Crown is not one of them.  Basically, they told us everything we COULDN'T eat on the menu... and that was most everything.

My husband ended up with the Curry...which he thought was "just" ok.  I ended with baked fish aka naked Fish n'Chips.... it will be ok with me if I never eat it again :P

Not so good for gluten-free
12/18/2014 by Ser Alan

Once again I find myself giving the Rose & Crown a 3 star rating.  This time we are doing Disneyworld gluten-free so the chef came out to tell us that most items on the menu have gluten -- even the bangers and mash.  They didn't have alternatives, all they could really do was remove the gluten.  I ended up ordering one of the few gluten free items on the menu, the chicken curry which was good but not exceptionally so.  Ahnalira got "fish and chips" which was fish with no breading and asparagus.  We also had the potato/leek soup which was quite nice, and the apple frisee salad which I thought was just ok.

Ambience was nice, it made for a nice warm spot on a cold rainy day.  Service was good.  I think my overall review would be a high '3' -- gluten-free options deserves about a 2, but everything else was about a 4 so overall I give it a high

12/9/2012 by connie

This is my 15th trip to Disney World.  We used the dining plan and were able to eat at a lot of new places.

The Rose and Crown was definitely in our top 3.  My husband and I both agreed that we would return here again!  Fish and chips were great and my husband had a steak that he really enjoyed.

Yummy lunch!
9/4/2009 by Beth

Enjoyed a very good rueben sandwich here!

Nice ice tea, the "crisps" were good-similar to the Saratoga chips available at other areas here

Just Ok for me
9/2/2009 by Ser Alan

We recently returned to the Rose and Crown Pub to see what changes may have occurred in the menu since we were last here about 3 years ago.  As you can see, we made a video review. 

To my dismay, my favorite item -- the pot pie sampler -- is no longer on the menu.  On the server's recommendation I went for the steak.  I requested medium but got a big red bloody hunk of meat.   Eventually got it cooked some more so that it was at least the right temperature.  However, I found it to be a tough, gristly, chewy chunk of meat whose only redeeming feature was that it was well seasoned.

The server did offer to make it up to me but I was ready to be done with it and head for home (long day!).  I did enjoy the potatoes gratin on the side, the cheese popover was decent if bland, the broccolini was a nice bit of green.  My companions were much happier than I with

Very good!
10/5/2006 by Jodi

This was another hit from our 9/2006 trip!  We were greeted by the nicest folks outside the restaurant.  Then we were seated by another gal and introduced to our waitress.  She was very nice and I just loved to listen to her speak!  My potato and leek soup was WONDERFUL and, I believe, the favorite appetizer!  Everyone was helping me enjoy it!  The cheese sampler was what mil got and it was HUGE!  DS1's prawns got two thumbs up as well.  DS2 liked his cheese and fruit plate, but was really sold on my soup!  Then came our meals!  Not one complaint could be heard!  It was all just so good!  I had bangers and mash and really enjoyed it.  I'm not a big sausage eater, but this was quite good!  Mil had the cottage pie and it was delicious!  DS1 had the beef stew and enjoyed it as well.  I don't remember what DS2 had, but he did clean his plate, so it must have been good!  Desserts were wonderful as w

rose and crown!
7/25/2006 by tricia

This restaurant is excellent for a sit-down dinner.  It's right on the water, so you have a great view for the illuminations show at night.  Also, the food was really great.  I particularly enjoyed the prime rib :D.  This is a favorite of my family's and we make sure that we visit this restaurant every year.

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