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Adventures by Disney

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Every morning of the year, Lilo and Stitch have breakfast with guests at Disney's Polynesian Resort (Mickey and Pluto come, too; >)

The seating is comfortable and reminiscent of the islands.  We called ahead to arrange a special meal that was sugar-free so I'll note a few things missing from the selection.  For example, the typical menu brings a basket of breakfast breads with the fruit plate


However, I found the fruit perfectly ripened and quite tasty... didn't miss bread at all:)  Along with fruit, came all the orange juice and coffee (and I bet hot tea, too, if that's your preference) a person can drink.

Typically, this skillet is overflowing with bacon, pork link sausage and waffles in addition to the eggs and potatoes.  We special-ordered turkey sausage (some of the best we've EVER tasted!), and our waffles were a special recipe that came separately


These waffles, in addition to being sugar-free, were made with rice flour and gluten-free as well.  They were DELICIOUS!  In fact, everything was very tasty and we finally had to ask our server to take the food out of our reach so we'd stop eating it.

In the meantime, we got lots of visitors to our table.  There are those who say Lilo and I could be related...  What do you think?

I definitely see a resemblance here

Mickey came by to make sure we were enjoying our breakfast...  and we were; >)

Pluto just wanted to give Alan a sloppy kiss

Periodically, the music came on and the characters paraded with the keiki (children) around the restaurant.  It was a little on the loud side for us "adult-types" without kiddos who just wanted to converse, but it looked like parents and kids alike were loving the photo opportunity from where we sat.  Character brekkies may not be the most economical way to eat, but they are a GREAT way to start a Disney day.  We were pumped to play in the parks by the time we were done!  OLP gives the character breakfast a full on for excellent special meal accommodation and good fun had by all.

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Member Reviews of "Ohana Character Breakfast Review":
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Breakfast is GREAT!
11/17/2014 by Ahnalira

The options for special diet eating for breakfast are great...dinner not so much.  Gluten-free, no sugar added waffles-YES!  Add scrambled eggs and fresh fruit, and I'm happy.  At dinner, almost everything has sugar in it (and I don't care for smokey tasting meat.... so I'm out in th cold at dinner.  If Disney fixes that, then a solid 5 for me ;)

Great character breakfast.
9/21/2013 by Ser Alan

Today we had breakfast at O'hanas with some friends.  Because we need a sugar free diet and we know they use a lot of sugar at O'hanas we talked to the chef who was very helpful throughout the meal.  He whipped us up some no sugar added gluten-free mickey waffles which were delicious!  Characters came by in a steady stream and our chef made sure we had everything we needed so we were very happy on both those fronts.  This was one of our better breakfast experiences since we've been here and for that reason I'm giving O'hanas 4 stars -- I think this is one of the better family oriented character breakfasts to be had.  

A new favorite!!
12/28/2011 by Jodi

Since we were staying at the Polynesian for the first time in late Nov/early Dec 2011, we knew we wanted to make the most of our stay.  For us, this including trying O'Hana for the first time.  Let me just say, we were NOT disappointed!  Our server was fantastic and the gentleman who brought all the food to the table was awesome as well.  We were lucky and had a table by the window, so we had a nice view of the grounds. 

As the meal began, we were given the bread (HEAVENLY), then salad, followed by wings, lo mein, and brocolli.  It was fantastic!  Probably too good because we ate more than we should have.  Then the gentleman brought the meat.  Starting with pork, then chicken, then steak, and finally shrimp.  The chicken won out far and away!  While the other meats were delicious, they just couldn't compare to the chicken!  When we were sure

Nice family brunch!
12/18/2010 by leah mosenthal
We went to the character breakfast at 10:40am so it was more like a brunch/lunch.  We really enjoyed the family style service and not having to up to a buffet.  Our waiter was very pleasant and attentive; they also did a nice signed postcard and cupcake at the end of the meal for our son's 3rd birthday.  The Ohana coffee seemed a bit better than other Disney coffee, so that was a plus.  The food was excellent, my daughter yummied up the scrambled eggs and had more, everyone loved the special juice, the Mickey waffles were surprisingly light and delicious, and the character interaction and little parade were fun.  We would defininately do this one again!
O'hana means family!
6/11/2008 by Nicole
My family visited Disney World for the first time in 2007, we went with some friends and we all went to the O'hana breakfast. We took the ferry boat from the Magic Kingdom to the Polynesian resort, and that just added to the magic of the experience. There were nine of us and we were supposed to be seated at separate tables, but they managed to put us all at one big table.  Our son had the best time in the charactor parade, where Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto lead the children around the restaurant. The food was plentiful and very tasty. The whole experience was just great. The only thing we should have done was ask our waitress to take a group photo. This was a great family meal, with great atmosphere! We're going back in September 2008 and already have our reservations for another breakfast with Lilo and Stitch!
Good Eating Place for Honeymooners
7/30/2006 by Kyle Adams

When my family came to the Polynesian Resort for the first time , it felt like I was in Honolulu, Hawaii not in Florida. When we got to get our reservations, everywhere you look was impressive. When it was time to eat they would bring out your food for you at differrent times throughout the night. I was amazed of how the food tasted fantastic with a Hawaiian (Disney) style.

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