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Adventures by Disney

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Coronado Springs Resort Review

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If you desire deluxe amenities at a moderate flavor price, the Coronado Springs Resort may be the one for you. The most recently built moderate level resort, the Coronado Springs was designed for convention use and has many additional features to the moderate level resort… a health club, a beauty salon, and several in room perks like hairdryers, for example. As well, the Coronado Springs offers

  1. A full service restaurant, The Maya Grille, serving breakfast and dinner and featuring a Southwest cuisine
  2. A food court with stations preparing fresh entrees while you wait
  3. Three quiet pools and a themed pool around a Mayan Dig site
  4. A children’s playground
  5. Jogging and biking path around a lake
  6. Water recreation for rent

The resort complex is very large with three areas depicting urban, rural, and desert landscapes of the Southwest – so vast, in fact, that there is inner resort transportation available. The rooms are 314 sq feet with 2 queen beds and sleep four. There are a few suites available. The inner furnishings of each room are reportedly quite nice. Limited room service is available as well.

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Member Reviews of "Coronado Springs Resort Review":
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Lovely Resort
5/10/2016 by Tonya
I really looked forward to staying at this Moderate resort... and it did not disappoint. The only issue for me was the LONG walk from the main area to my room. BUT at least it was a beautiful walk along the away. I loved the theme. The room was spacious. I would stay here again.
LOVE Coronado Springs!
10/27/2015 by Wendy

We just returned from a stay at Coronado Springs and we LOVED it!  We were in the Casitas building with a corner room and a water view.  The resort is gorgeous.  We really enjoyed the Dig Site pool, the campfire each night and the hammocks by the water.  I had heard that this resort was very big but we did not find this to be the case.  We were half way between bus stop 1 and 2 and dining options were close by as well.  This resort does have a convention center so it does not have as much of a Disney feel to it as compared to other resorts but it is beautiful and we plan on returning soon!!

beautiful and big
12/3/2014 by Christee Thomas

I have stayed here twice and this place is huge.  You never really know how big the resort is until you take bus around the resort.  Beautiful grounds and the main building makes you feel that you have left the country for a quick trip to Mexico.  Great food court and they even have a bar area to catch sporting events.  When you do stay here request a room near the main building unless you like to walk. 

Deluxe Amenities at a Moderate Price
7/1/2014 by Tom Kane

What I like about this resort is the "Moderate" price with deluxe amenities like a fitness center, business center, and full service restaurant.  The rooms are ok--bathroom vanity leaves a lot to be desired.  It's very basic.

2 thumbs up!
3/29/2012 by Tonya

I stayed at CSR last week. It was my first time and I was excited to finally see the resort in person. For years I've looked at the pictures online debating if we should stay there. I have to say, I really liked the resort. I liked the theme, the grounds were beautiful, and it was very quiet. The Castmembers were friendly. The room was clean. No complaints! 2 thumbs up for CSR!!!

Ok Disney Resort
11/9/2011 by Disney girl
I stayed at Coronado Spring in Oct 2009.It was nice but not one of my favorites.It was a long walk from are room to the pool.The resort was so big it seemed like there was no one there.Wasn't too fond of the gratuity that you had to pay in the food court either.More of a convention center than a Disney resort.
Too far from most
9/27/2011 by John D
My wife and I stayed at Coronado for Christmas in 2009 and were very pleased with the grounds. Disney has done a fantastic job with the different buildings and the "lake" is very pretty. My rating would be higher were it not for the poor transportation. We like to get to a park when it opens, but Coronado is so far away from all but Animal Kingdom that it made our plans virtually impossible. You really have to plan more time than most staying here, which means an afternoon nap back at the room is not really practical. The resort looks great, but we will not stay there again just because it is too far from the majority of things to do.
Super de dooper!
6/28/2011 by Disneydoll
I came to Coronado Springs Resort on an anniversary trip with my husband. We loved it! The resort was beautiful. The restaurant had a wide variety of things to eat. The gift shop, which is usually my favorite part of a hotel, was big with a big souvenir selection. We were checked in in no time. We loved the main pool area even though the slide was closed at the time. The only complaint I have is the rooms aren't a far cry different from the value resort rooms. In fact I think the only thing different is that they include a mini fridge. You would think they would be a tad more luxurious. All in all I wouldn't mind staying there again:)
Rix Lounge at Coronado Springs Resort
11/6/2008 by Dizneydonna

Rix Lounge located at Walt Disney World’s Coranado Springs Resort (my favorite Moderate Resort), is becoming a wonderful new “hot spot” at the Walt Disney World Resort.  Although the Walt Disney World Resort recently closed all of its nightclubs at Pleasure Island, in Downtown Disney, I think it’s important that people know that this location is a very appealing alternative.  The atmosphere and decor is what I would refer to as super-hip with throw-back touches here and there to the 70s.  With lots of cozy sitting areas and a nice siz

3/11/2007 by Jodi

We stayed at CSR in Sept of 2006.  It started out bumpy when, after a long flight delay and a very long day, we were told that our requests for buildings could not be accomodated b/c 2 conventions had booked after us but requested the same buildings.  They had us stuck in Ranchos, where I did NOT want to be.  However, after a heartfelt plea with the cm at the desk, he went well above and beyond the call of duty by searching and searching until he got us an awesome room.  It was actually a preferred room (we payed for a standard) and were right next to the main building!  Our view was absolutely spectacular!  The room had just been vacated and we had to wait for it to be cleaned.  So, he called and got us seating at Maya Grill where we enjoyed a marvelous dinner!  When we got to our room we were thrilled and that was the same for the rest of the trip!  Our mousekeeping service was excellent!  We had the same gal daily and she lef

Best mod
12/19/2006 by Nettie

Just returned from a great stay at CSR!!  The transportation was great, the Pepper Market has some great choices and the main pool area looks awesome, even though we didn't get a chance to use it.

11/25/2006 by
There is no free internet 10 dollars a day - rip off
8/12/2006 by Laurie Strippoli

NOT THAT IT IS NOT A BEAUTIFUL HOTEL, IT IS, BUT WHAT HOTEL IN DISNEY ISN'T? we were there for a dance convention, asked to be booked near convention center, made reservations way in advance. When we checked in and were drawn a map of where our rooms were, I asked 'how do we get there? "well we have trams". Yeah, good luck. I later found out there was ONE tram for 1900 rooms which meant walking from our room to the lobby for ANYTHING, 1/2 mile each way. Fine if you're out for a leisurely stroll but not rushing, carrying costumes, etc. I saw many elderly people barely able to make the walk every day. Management could care less. The hotel rooms were no better than some of the other hotels outside Disney we stayed at. They did have convenient transportation to the other parks. Pepper Market was great, such friendly staff, as ALL DISNEY STAFF are trained to be. No one in housekeeping speaks English which I find offensive. WORK HERE, MAKE MONEY HERE, SPEAK ENGLISH HERE. PLAIN A

Coronado Springs - Disaster
4/20/2006 by John Dunning
I stayed at the CSR in April 2006.  The rooms were nice and clean and the chambermaids provided and excellent and friendly service.  The restaurants at the hotel provided a wonderful experience, the amenities were great and the buses to the parks were regular and relaible and matched what I would expect of a Disney vacation.

Now for the negatives
- reception
perhaps Disney should be offering fast pass tickets for CSR reception as my experiences were lines of up to 20 people waiting to be dealt with by no more than 3 staff (until a complaint was made)
My own experience of reception was at 12 midnight after travelling for 18 hours and being left to carry all my luggage because there were no porters and then being watched by a disinterested receptionist as we proceeded to carry our luggage the wrong way around the lake making the trp to our room some three quarters of a mile rather than 200 yards.

- room service
this left much to be desired and
Best Mod, great pool, beautiful grounds!
8/21/2005 by Annette
Our family loves CSR. Our most recent trip in April was fantastic! The Pepper Market makes quality, fresh food, not like the other food courts Ive experienced. The grounds are spectacular. A+ for the CMs and this resort!

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