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Adventures by Disney

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Hollywood & Vine (where the stars dine; >), located in Disney's MGM Studios, is a buffet with ALL of the trimmings!

Remember way back when Hollywood & Vine was a character meal with Minnie and Goofy dressed in their Hollywood "bling"? It was my favorite character restaurant and, when they retired the characters, I refused to go back...  until recently.

And I telly you what: It was my loss! This, imho, is one of the best Disney buffets!

There is plenty to choose from: breads


salads and more salads.

The fresh mozzarella tomato salad was the best I've had in quite some time.



and more entrees... with plenty of fresh vegetables and salmon to write home about, imho.

And, as if they don't have enough regular desserts...


They made us this lovely sugar free plate


The seating is very 40's Hollywood, I'm guessing ; >)

Here's hoping Disney brings Minnie, Goofy, and the Chipmunks back for the TOTALLY perfect experience, but we'll keep going back until then for the great food!  Our Laughing Place gives Hollywood & Vine two stars up!

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Member Reviews of "Hollywood & Vine Review":
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Best Buffet Onsite!
8/6/2015 by Kerry

Generally, I don't like buffets...I don't like the idea of food sitting out.  But I have to say that Hollywood & Vine cured me of that concern.  The food is always fresh, fresh, fresh!  And I love the choices.  Turkey for dinner--YUM!

My favorite Disney buffet
8/6/2014 by Karen White

I usually don't go to buffets because it's too tempting, and I eat too much.  My sister dragged me to Hollywood & Vine under protest...and I was pleasantly surprised by the freshness and flavor.  Nothing tasted like it had been sitting out on a buffet for hours! The fresh roasted turkey was my favorite.  But I still ate too much.  So I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 :P

Disney Junior Lunch!
8/1/2013 by Ks112203
We ate at Play and Dine this summer. The food was great and so was the service. The kids loved seeing Oso, Handy Manny, Jake, and June. We ordered Sangria and loved the dessert portion of the buffet. If they have the Parmesan crusted chicken, TRY IT! It is to die for!
3/22/2010 by elibug
Last time I went was in 2005, but boy do I remember it well. It was during the holiday season so just the fact that we were able to get in without a wait around lunch time deserves three stars. The food was wonderful, my parents aren't used to American cuisine and even they loved it. We had a vegetarian with us and she had a feast with all the salads and grilled vegetables....the desserts, though... they weren't bad but not amazing either..just ok for cleansing your palette after dinner. The seafood tasted fresh, the pastas were cooked perfectly and the salads were amazing. We're going again next year (2011) and this is definetely our one and only option for Disney's Hollywood Studios (which for me will always be MGM Studios lol).
Pretty good
1/13/2007 by LP
It was pretty good. The men in our party loved the shrimp. The kids choices were very good. I even ate the kids chicken and enjoyed it. The dessert squares tasted kind of freezer burnt though. Ambience was good. We had to wait about 25 minutes for our table. We would go there again.
Hollywood/vine dinner
11/20/2006 by McDonald

We had an early dinner at Hollywood and Vine along with the fantasmic package. Our service was wonderful, our glasses never got empty and our dirty dishes were taken away from the table very quickly! The food wasnt the greatest, just average. I got a slice of prime rib and brought it back to the table to see that it was rare, still kicking rare! The lighting isn't very good near the food, so it was hard to see that. The salad was very good, and I loved the variety of salads. The kids buffet was really nice, my kids (4 and 9) ate very well at this meal. I wish there had been a bit more "normal" foods here since it is supposed to be a diner! Next time I will just get burgers from a quick service or check out Mama Melrose's!

New Characters for Breakfast
8/11/2006 by Tracy

As Vacation Club members, we were recently sent a newsletter proclaiming that Disney World is trying to reach it's littlest visitors (toddlers/preschoolers) better.  They now have JoJo and Goliath from JoJo's Circus as well as June and one other Little Einstien's character for their character breakfast.  Since my daughter is a JoJo and Einstien's fan, we will be trying it out this October.  We'll let you know how it fares!

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