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Adventures by Disney

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I was SO excited to be attending the very first Princess Tea Party at the Grand Floridian, it was all I could do to stifle my urge to wear a crown[:-] Greeted at the entrance of the Grand Floridian by this dapper gentleman, I felt myself transported back in time...

By the time I reached the back of the lobby where the tea is held, I was fully ready to move into the magical realm of " Princess Rose"

She greeted every young princess and guided them ' royally' to their seats. Each princess had been given a crown and a Baby Aurora doll to bring with them to the tea

We were given our first course - for the young princesses:
Ham and Cheese rollups, peanut butter and jelly sammies, and grapes (and royal apple juice)

and for their more mature ladies in waiting... with tea, of course:

Our own Princess Kelly, who was generous enough to invite me to join her retinue, showed me how to pour tea... Oh, but would I LOVE to have a pair of princess gloves like these!

While we enjoyed our repast, Princess Rose entertained us with stories and sang us songs, accompanied by her own Lady Leaf on the synthesizer.

It was a delightful performance that invited the young princesses to participate and had a sprinkling of humor just for the ladies in waiting, too. Everyone sang together, and Princess Rose even taught us how to do a little sign language!

As dessert was served (everyone got a lovely piece of this cake..

except me; I got sugar free Tiramisu[:-])

We were blessed with a visit from Princess Aurora!

She and Princess Rose invited all of the young princesses up to learn the royal curtsey and led them in a procession around the room.

Then Princess Aurora came around to every table for pictures, autographs, and gave each young princess two roses... so they could share if they so desired.

Well, as you might imagine, it had been taking ALL of my willpower not to join the princesses in the middle of curtsey lesson and procession so I was very grateful when Princess Kelly invited Joanne (from and myself into her picture. Princesses are SO gracious, n' est-ce pas?

Everyone in my group thoroughly enjoyed our time in the magical realm of Princess Rose, and I am eagerly seeking young princesses who need another lady-in-waiting.

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Member Reviews of "Princess Tea Party at the Grand Floridian":
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Sweet afternoon respite
1/18/2014 by ahnalira

Where else but at the Grand Floridian would you find a Tea Room off the lobby?  The service is quite elegant and charming, in tradition of  tea rooms.  We hosted a birthday tea there one year, and it was the perfect venue for a relaxed social gathering.

For me,the only point it loses is that--because I have type 1 diabetes--and have a no sugar added lifesyle--it was a bit of a challenge for the culinary team to create sweet options.  But the Grand Floridian team did their best, and it was much appreciated :D  Along with a variety of sweets, small tea sandwiches were served and, of course, a gorgeous selection of teas in elegant china.

Garden View Lounge Garden View Tea Room
4/14/2010 by Franniepoppins
The Garden View Lounge is located at Walt Disney World Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, in Walt Disney World.  This is a very unique setting, and you can attend a Tea Service there.  This tea is so special, truly English in style.  This dining experience is a fine example of being immersed in a theme, while enjoying wonderful food. 

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