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Adventures by Disney

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LUNCHTIME! We traipsed over to the ESPN Club for a sammie and some Sports; >).

Right away, we had choices to make...

We chose the Bar Atmosphere and sat at a table with stools.

If we had chosen the Restaurant Atmosphere, we would have had chairs at our table

The theming is Sports, Sports, and more Sports with PLENTY of tv screens... even IN the restrooms!

Alan had the Grilled Chicken sammie which he thought was quite tasty. Even the fries met his approval!

I had the Roast Beef and Swiss Cheese to which I added grilled onions. I removed most of the bread and dipped the beef and cheese in horseradish sauce for a tasty low carb meal.

We spent about $18.00 before tip.  OLP gives the ESPN Club "a great place for lunch on the Boardwalk" stamp of approval.  By the way, there were lots of other folks there who seemed to feel the same way; >)
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Member Reviews of "ESPN Club Review":
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Only in a Pinch
4/1/2015 by Ahnalira

I would go here in a pinch (and hope for the best :P )  I find the menu limited and the seating uncomfortable.  I'm not a sports fan so the TV chatter all around the restaurant is less than ideal.  Probably someone who IS a sports fan would enjoy coming here to cheer during big games...though, I wouldn't know for sure because that's when I stay far away.

Sports TV Heaven!
12/5/2012 by Ser Alan

As you might expect, ESPN Club is a sports haven with jerseys, footballs and tv screens littering the walls.  From my seat I had a view of at least 10 large flat screens showing about 3 different channels.  Seating is ok, mine was a stool with a table.

The menu is actually pretty large with a broad variety of sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs.  I went for the big "California Burger" -- what this has to do with California is a bit of a mystery actually.  More like a chili burger with an egg on top set on a bed of french fries.  Although the burger patty and bun were unremarkable, I realized I didn't really care.  I dived in with both hands -- it's big so two hands are definitely required here!  The combination was delicious, the chili is really quite good and combined really well with the egg, burger and bun.  After I was done with the burger I was looking at chi

2/4/2007 by Liz
Many things from the menu are gone. like the bucket of wings, the steak, and fish, club wrap. but there are some other news instead..
Ohh, remember the big superbowl sunday icecream?? Well, that is gone too.. :(
I love the dinger sandwich,,, MMM really good,...
The atmosphere is really cool.. Love it...
Great during football season
7/22/2006 by Chris
My family visits Disney in Sept. My boys and I love to go on Sunday to watch the games.
We usualy get a bucket of wings and a plate of nachos.  My advice is to get there early and
wear your favorite team jersey.  I was the only Houston Texans fan in the place and they gave
me a free ESPN zone t-shirt.  There is a live pregame show that adds to the atmosphere.

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