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Adventures by Disney

Haunted Hayride

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Haunted Hayride

The Ft Wilderness Resort has lots of evening activities set up to entertain families, and my altogether 'mostest favorite' is this one.

The Haunted Hayride is a ticketed event held during October  Tickets are sold on the day of the ride at the Ft Wilderness Kennel...  and - believe it or not - sell out even with the amount of effort you have to go to getting them  And it became clear why as the ride proceeded.

We climbed aboard our wagon led by these beauties and headed into the night.  Soon, we were hailed and boarded by this gent

who began telling us the tale of Ichabod Crane...

who suprisingly joined us, too!  When we reached a fork in the road, he refused to follow us even though our 'gentleman' admonished him to stay close  The road became very dark with only these small lamps to light our way

We were all VERY nervous!

and when we saw the "remains" of Icabod stuck to a tree...

we got plain scared! Especially me...

and Lisabell With good reaosn, it seems, because the next thing we knew

the Headless Horseman was upon us!

We just "barely" made our escape; >)

and then our 'gentleman' disappeared into the mists, and the ride ended...  all of us wondering WHAT really happened.  It was a great Halloween ride done Disney style, imho, and I hope to do it again and again and again!

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Member Reviews of "Haunted Hayride":
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Original Hayride Storyteller
10/12/2007 by Mr. VanBrunt
Hey everyone,  I‘m happy that you enjoyed my performace. I am the "gent" in the pictures from the hayride.  I have to say that I am disappointed that they have chosen not to continue with the Sleepy Hollow Hayride and the Headless Horseman in 2007.  This year the story is about the town of Vineland and the mysterious disappearance of its inhabitants back in 1911.  Should be fun but just very different and I don‘t want anyone to be disappointed without the appearance of the Headless Horseman.  I am sure the new ride will be done with the usual Disney aplomb and it will be wonderful.  I had such a great time originating the role of the storyteller back in 2002 and doing it every year for 5 years.  Thanks for the memories and my best to everyone.
Where is the hay?
11/9/2005 by Ser Alan
This really was a lot more fun than I had expected. I was expecting a relatively peaceful ride on a pile of hay. Instead we got a bit of scarey theater and no hay at all! It was good fun, I definitely recommend the Haunted Hayride as a nice complement to Mickeys Not So Scarey Halloween.

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